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Hi, I’m Seth. I help clients create digital experiences that grow their business and improve their brand. And yeah, we’re all just trying to make a living, but while we’re doing the daily grind, can’t we all be a Force for Good? Let’s bring some goodness to our customers, clients, co-workers, and the world. If you are looking to bring positive change to the world, I hope we can work together.

My focus is the combination of high-powered creative and technical experience. Send me an email or give me a call at 208.221.7971, and let’s discuss your next project.




Seth Lofgreen
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About Me.

I’m married to the beautiful Stacey Lofgreen.

We live in beautiful Idaho and have a little girl with a serious case of the terrible-twos. But we keep on loving her anyway (and are very grateful she’s happy and healthy). I play electric guitar and sometimes pretend to sing. I’ve been told I have an unhealthy obsession with love Kings of Leon. I speak fluent Spanish and love street tacos.


I’m living the dream at VOLTAGE.

For the past 6 years I’ve been directing digital projects at VOLTAGE Advertising + Design. It’s honestly my dream job and I hope to work here for a long, long time. Most of my time is spent directing the development of a variety of digital projects.


Seth Lofgreen

Seth Lofgreen

Director of Strategic Partnerships | VOLTAGE

Joining the team in 2010, Seth helped grow the agency from a designer/developer duo to a fully functioning digital agency. As Managing Director, he has overseen agency operations including client management, new business, billing, finance, etc. He has also managed many clients including Reebok, ClearChoice Dental Implants, Fjallraven, Brunton, Primus, Hanwag, Xcel Energy, Life Is Good, Bold Earth, Crocs, Big Chill, Smashburger, and others. Seth received his BA in Advertising from Brigham Young University-Idaho. Seth loves spending time with his wife and daughter, playing guitar, eating food (obviously) and snowboarding.

You can contact Seth at: seth[at] or 303.664.1687 x 2

I’m looking to partner with hungry clients that are ready to transform their brand and change the world.


Future of E-Commerce

We've been brainstorming a bunch lately about new features for E-Commerce and have been thinking of what the future might look like. Will mobile surpass desktop browsers in online shopping? If so, when? How long until we can shop on an Apple TV? What about a...

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Ideas that spread, win.

Seth Godin is the Man. I read just about every post Seth Godin writes. He writes 2 posts per day, every single day. He's been doing this for years now. One of his big ideas that he talks about frequently is how ideas spread. I look at huge success stories like the...

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A Few Thoughts on Management

I've been thinking a lot lately about how I can become a better manager. In my position as Director of Operations, I manage anywhere from 8 - 12 people at a time. I find it difficult to provide effective training to my team with such a demand for my time. A few...

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Hard to fix something you don’t know is broken

I recently read another great Seth Godin post about measuring and fixing things that are broken. But we don't always know if something is broken. As web designers, we make recommendations for user experience all of the time. But we don't always hear the feedback from...

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Internet streaming from balloons

Have you heard about this? Google plans on streaming "internet for everyone" from high-altitude balloons. Sounds crazy. But if I can get internet access on my roadtrips from Denver through Wyoming, I'll be a believer AND a customer. Read the article>>  ...

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Can’t wait for Google Fiber

Seems like an eternity to wait until 2022 for Google Fiber to come to town. I'm crossing my fingers that it will get to Denver. Google could bring some good competition to the area by bringing screaming fast internet speeds (1000mb per second!) and disrupting the...

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