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(This is a now page, and if you have your own site, you should make one, too.)

We just moved to SLC to open a new VOLTAGE office.

I update this page periodically when my priorities change. Updated Jan 2019.


This is what I’m doing now: (not always in this priority)

  • We just moved to SLC to open the new VOLTAGE office. We’re looking for new clients and partners in the SLC area. I’m working on building Strategic Partnerships at VOLTAGE. Specifically looking for clients with a strong focus on improving UX and transforming their brand with Digital in the Commerce space. If you’re looking for a UX & Creative team with strong development expertise, VOLTAGE could be a really good fit. Contact me.
  • Providing account management on a limited number of projects for VOLTAGE.
  • Learning all I can about bootstrapping tech startups and listening to Podcasts. Some of my favorites are  Heavyweight, Reply All, Serial, 2 Bobs, and Startups for the Rest of Us podcast (thanks Rob and Mike!)
  • Trying to keep up with an almost 5 year old girl with a lot of energy and attitude, and working on my relationship with my beautiful wife Stacey.
  • Trying to remember to enjoy the journey, and stop and smell the roses every once and a while!
  • Learning to deal with diabetes with diet and exercise (right now walking/playing with my kid is my only form of exercise, but hoping to improve my fitness.)


Feel free to email me if any of the above seems interesting to you.

This page was inspired by Derek Sivers and his /now movement.


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About Me.

I’m married to the beautiful Stacey Lofgreen.

We live in the SLC area. We have a little girl with a ton of energy and she is a bundle of joy. We are very grateful she’s happy and healthy. I play electric guitar and sometimes pretend to sing. I’ve been told I have an unhealthy obsession with the Kings of Leon. I speak fluent Spanish and love street tacos.

I’m living the dream at VOLTAGE.

For the past 8 years I’ve been directing digital projects at VOLTAGE Advertising + Design. It’s honestly my dream job and I hope to work here for a long, long time. Most of my time is spent directing the development of a variety of digital projects.

Seth Lofgreen

Seth Lofgreen

Director of Strategic Partnerships | VOLTAGE

Joining the team in 2010, Seth helped grow the agency from a designer/developer duo to a fully functioning digital agency. As Managing Director, he has overseen agency operations including client management, new business, billing, finance, etc. He has also managed many clients including Reebok, Fjallraven, Crocs, adidas, Chipotle, Owlet, and others. Seth received his BA in Advertising from Brigham Young University-Idaho. Seth loves spending time with his wife and daughter, playing guitar, eating food (obviously) and snowboarding.

You can contact Seth at: seth[at]voltagead.com or 720.259.7856

I’m looking to partner with hungry clients that are ready to digitally transform their brand.

SethLofgreen.com | Director of Strategic Partnerships @ VOLTAGE